Kinetix is a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm for innovative companies. We exist to help our clients become the biggest thing that ever walked the planet.

Kinetix was founded in 1990 and we’re headquartered in a little pocket of growth we like to call the ATL (Atlanta). But, like ZZ Top once said, we’re nationwide. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from coast to coast and have filled tens of thousands of positions, from Inside Sales Reps to CFOs.

At Kinetix, we believe that innovative companies deserve to be differentiated from the pack. The recruiting world is full of noise, featuring hundreds of thousands of companies with millions of open positions. Do recruiting the expected way—posting jobs and praying the right candidate will notice you online—and you can expect average results.

We interrupt the normal pattern by thinking differently in every aspect of how we market open positions, from the relatively simple position description (content) to how we push the opportunity to the outside world (social distribution).

Once we’ve engaged great candidates with our unique approach, we go to work to interrupt the internal pattern in our clients’ companies. Through the use of innovative tools like our Talent DNA platform and our Area Code Hiring system, we help hiring managers break down candidates in ways that make them think.

There’s three flavors of Kinetix: RPO, Staffing & Recruiting and Talent & HR Consulting.

When companies use Kinetix as a recruiting provider, we do the recruiting process from start to finish, opening up the position with hiring managers, marketing the position, running the internal process and all activities until an offer is made. Companies achieve their goal of high talent quality delivered in a timely fashion, with reduced, predictable costs.

What happens next? We thought you’d never ask. Contact us today and let’s get this party started. We’ve got the goods and we want to share them with YOU.