Make Work Awesome With 
Our Employee Engagement Tools

Quantum Workplace delivers smart employee engagement tools for achieving and recognizing workplace awesomeness. When work is awesome, employees are engaged, clients are loyal, and business is good. Quantum Workplace serves more than 5,000 organizations annually through employee engagement surveys, action-planning tools, leadership assessment, and employer of choice recognition. Founded in 2002, Quantum Workplace makes complex data understandable, so it’s easy for organizations to take action.

You want to make your workplace awesome. We’re here to help. Quantum Workplace partners with organizations nationwide to increase client loyalty and financial success by making work more effective and enjoyable to your most valuable resource—your people.

What Makes Us Different

Engagement-Focused Experience

We believe engaged employees are critical to making work awesome, so that’s where we focus. Having surveyed more than 5,000 organizations annually, including America’s Best Places to Work, we provide the benchmarks and insight that make Quantum Workplace the engagement expert.

Flexible Fit

Our solutions provide a flexible fit. No matter your size or industry, Quantum Workplace provides a customized solution to fit your needs and budget.

Radically Practical

Engagement isn’t rocket science. It’s not some mysterious formula safeguarded by consultants. What you need is easy-to-understand measurements and practical next steps, and that is what Quantum Workplace delivers.

Unrivaled Reporting

Slice ‘n’ dice. Compare ‘n’ contrast. Dive deep. View from the top. However you want to analyze your results, we’ve got you covered. Quantum Workplace gives you complete access to your data and a suite of limitless reporting tools, so you can create customized reports whenever you want.

Streamlined and Fast

From our technology to our staff, Quantum Workplace is built to be efficient. For our clients that means simple processes, fast turnaround times, and less work.

Lean and Agile

We like to run lean. It makes us light on our feet, responsive to clients, and future focused.